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We are a small independent family dealer that exclusively sell Subarus. 

Q: What is Headgasket insurance? 
Our auto repair shop specialize on Subaru repairs all models, that is why we can provide you Headgasket Insurance. When the headgasket is blown due to wear and tear, we will replace it for our returning customers for Only $975. (with Subaru factory OEM Parts). And 50% off on labor on all your future repair. 

Q: Why buy from Top spec?
1. Reliable. All cars passed safety Inspection. And We do all the necessary repairs before we sell the cars.
2. NO RUST. We don't Sell East Coast Car.
3. Saving. We can provide Head Gasket Insurance, And extra 50% off Repairs on labor for all your future repairs for life. 

Q: Why some of your cars sell higher than KBB?
For the Impreza and Forester that has a clean title, are mechanically sound, and no east coast rust are rare. Our inventory cost in itself is higher than KBB, due to the cost repairs and standards that we set before we ever sell a single vehicle. Please understand we are not franchise dealer that have huge profit margins. We just want to provide you with the best price and deal for both parties. 

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